Welcome to EB World...

EB World is a program that’s all about giving you everyday benefits, and making your gaming life a little easier in a bunch of neat ways. You'll earn your way up the Levels of EB World every time you shop, preorder, trade or interact with us at EB Games or Zing Pop Culture!

What's it all about?

EB World is all about giving you benefits you can use again and again, every time you shop. We've got a stack of great benefits lined up for you, including:

  • Receipt Free Shopping: You’ll never have to search for receipts again
  • Satisfaction Returns Guarantee: Not to your liking? Not the perfect present? Not a problem!* 
  • Get More For Less: Use your old games to get your new games for less
  • Great Offers: Sales, promotions and other great ways to get the most from your gaming dollar
  • Newest News: Get the latest news and updates on the games you care about
  • The Games You Want: Access to a massive selection of games on all platforms
  • Exclusives: Be the first to know about exclusive editions and content
  • .. and lots more!

By progressing through the Levels of EB World you'll get access to additional benefits, like increased bonus trade credit you can use as often as you like, special vouchers, and the chance to get invited to Betas and VIP events.

The more you shop, the more Carrots you’ll earn, the more you’ll Level Up, the better the everyday perks you'll get – plus it's FREE to join!

Join now for FREE!

Becoming an EB World Member is completely free. You can sign up at any EB Games store, click the big "Join EB World now!" button to sign up online, or download our shiny new EB World app for Apple iPhone today!

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