There's Nothing More Exciting than a Family Holiday!

We've teamed up with Flight Centre to bring you some tips on how to travel with the kids. Hopefully these handy tips will make for a pleasant  experience for parents, children and fellow passengers. For the full article click here.

On Board Essentials...

1. Bring a compact stroller on board

My best investment was a small, compact stroller I can take on board with me. It saves us precious time not having to wait at the luggage carousel, and means we can hit the ground running when we land. (Kellie Carty, Communications Manager, mother of one)

2. Dress them in PJs

Put kids in their PJs for night flights to reinforce that it is sleep time. (Kari Edie, Product Expert, mother of one)

3. BYO headphones

The generic airline-supplied headphones are too big for little heads, so bring your own child-size, child-safe, volume-limiting headphones (plus an airline headphone socket adapter) to avoid mid-air meltdowns. (Cassandra Laffey, Publications Manager, mother of one)

4. BYO snacks

Don't risk getting on the plane and your child doesn't like the plane food. Have snaplock bags filled with different kinds of snacks (i.e. nuts, crackers, dried fruit and popcorn) that don't make a mess but take time to eat. (Rachel Tipene, Product Expert, mother of one)

5. Keep the sleep routine

Make sure their sleeping routine doesn't change with PJs and books on hand. (Megan Lowe, GM Leisure Product, mother of one)

6. Have a nappy kit handy

Don’t get caught tearing your carry-on luggage apart in search of the nappy-change necessities — nappies; wipes; a thin, foldable changing pad; and disposable baggies. Have the whole kit ready in a zip-top bag you can remove easily. The changing pad or liner is a key item for air travel, because not every airline offers changing tables in their lavatories — you might have to get creative with where to change your baby. Avoid surprises by asking a flight attendant about the arrangements when you board or early in the flight. (Niki Dart, Travel Expert, mother of one)

7. Pack lollipops to pop ears

Have chewing gum or lollipops on hand for take-off and landing to help children with the ear pressure on board. (Shonny Day, Travel Expert, mother of two)

8. Use bottles or dummies for babies

Give babies a dummy or bottle upon take-off and landing to help with ear pressure. The sucking motion helps pop their ears. (Casey Quinlan, Travel Expert, mother of one)

9. Pre-book kids' meals

Most airlines provide onboard children’s meals that you will need to book ahead. Ensure your consultant has requested and confirmed any children’s meals with the airline before you fly. (Brendan Sawyers, State Product Leader, father of two)

10. Feed 'em first

Make sure the kids are well fed before getting on board as meal service takes forever. (Philip Hancox, Supplier Relations Manager, father of two)