The Story Behind ANZAC Day

For many Australian's and New Zealanders ANZAC day is one of remembrance and unity among two nations but what are the exact events of this day that we gather together to celebrate every year across our nations?

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and annually we have a day to commemorate their bravery and courage upheld during their battle at Galipolli in World War 1. On the 25th of April 1915, the soldiers landed in Galipolli, to claim Constantinople who were German allies. From the day they landed the soldiers new there would be a slim chance of winning as Ottoman Turkish defence were ready to attack upon their arrival. 

Every April 25th Australian and New Zealand nations pay tribute to the selfless and respectful soldiers who lost their lives in this brutal battle. The most inspiring chapter to this story is despite the soldiers knowing they would lose inevitably they continued to fight for 8 months until they were brought home later that year by the British empire. Despite the carnage and 8,000 lives lost their story still lives on today as we celebrate our 101st ANZAC day this year.

We use the Poppy flower as a symbol of remembrance for those who fought because despite the brutality, debris and decimation of the battle grounds it was this flower that blossomed through and brought hope and peace during a time of despair.

Lest we forget.