Monster Eye Headband Kids Craft

Wobble your way around the neighbourhood with these adorably creepy monster eyes! Simple to make and fun to wear! They could be your whole costume or just a part of it. Be careful who you scare though!


Step 1: Paint the decofoam balls with bright colours. Allow to dry.

step 2: Cut out a strip of green felt 42cm long and 4cm wide. You may need 2 strips of 21cm each depending on how big your piece of felt is.

Step 3: Cover your headband with your felt strip and wrap the edges under the headband to completely cover it. Attach with glue. Allow to dry.

Step 4: Cut 3 chenille stems into 15cm pieces. Curl the end of each into a flat spiral shape. This will make the chenille stem easier to attach to your headband.

Step 5: Attach the 3 chenille stems to the top of your headband with glue. Allow to dry.

Step 6: Push the other end of your chenille stems into the decofoam balls and add your wiggle eyes. Attach with glue. Allow to dry.

Step 7: You may like to add yellow felt spots to your monster headband. Attach with glue. Allow to dry.


See the full list of steps here.